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Nurture | Challenge | Empower

At Canadian International School, we embrace growth mindset research and approaches to learning with the belief that intelligence is not fixed and predetermined. We can all grow more intelligent across a wide range of disciplines through hard work, reflection, and effort. We appreciate that our students are unique and may pursue their own paths in life. At CIS, we nurture, challenge, and empower all of our students to be successful in whatever they choose in life.

We Are Learners

Learning at CIS is a transformative process that leads to conceptual understanding, the demonstration of competencies through application, and character development as seen through our core values of Respect, Integrity, Caring, Inspiration, and Joy.

We Are Explorers

Our Experiential Learning (EL) program offers students create hands-on learning opportunities where students apply classroom learning in the real world.  Working with nearby craftsmen, learning organic gardening, or partnering with nearby science research centers are just some of our past and ongoing projects.  

We Are Leaders/Innovators

The first school in Bangalore to introduce the IB Diploma program in grades 11 and 12. The school uses 100% solar energy for all its electricity requirements and is the first carbon neutral school in Bangalore. In 2011, CIS introduced 1:1 iPad integrated teaching and learning and today, CIS is a leading school at the forefront of technology in education!

We Are World Citizens

Our students are consistently accepted to top universities worldwide. Our students become engineers, doctors, artists, musicians, tech specialists, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes- whatever it is that they choose to pursue. They get there from being able to explore their own passions, in a safe space.  They develop their grit, so when they encounter hardships they know how to pick themselves up, learn and grow.

We Are Artists

Analysis, synthesis, collaboration, and creativity are at the pinnacle of human expression. Students who actively engage in a variety of Artistic Expressions approach problems more thoughtfully and are among the top academic achievers in any school. At CIS we place a high value on the Arts as we know their profound effect on students' learning, well-being and perspective in life.

We Are Athletes

At CIS, we equip each child with the ability to learn from failure. We do so through developing grit, so when a student encounters failure that they won’t retreat to their known comfort zone; our students look at failure as learning points, and know how to pick themselves up and push ever further in their pursuits.

What's Happening

By the Numbers


US$ Average amount of merit scholarships for our 66 graduates on 2023


number of nationalities at our school.


number of languages spoken on campus.


incredible certified international educators on our campus.


Our entire campus is powered by solar energy


the ratio of students to teachers on campus to challenge and support student learning.


the number of students who made it to the International Finals of the World Scholars Cup.


Percentage of students who scored 40 or above on the May 2023 IB exams


number of litres of water collection cistern space available.