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Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Canadian International School community strives to nurture, challenge, and empower learners who impact a remarkable and sustainable future. 

Canadian International School places students at the centre of learning, creating opportunities to be reflective, adaptive, and inclusive that leads them to become socially responsible and dedicated voices for positive change. 


Learning at CIS is a transformative process that leads to conceptual understanding, demonstration of competencies through application, and character development as seen through the CIS Core Values. Read more...


Our Character Development at CIS is anchored to our Core Values. Read more...

Defination Learning at CIS
Beyond CIS Students and Learning


With the CIS Advisory Board, the Board of Directors, and the Leadership Team, CIS has created the following strategic initiatives in November, 2019.  The five initiatives will continue to inform our emphasis and direction as we move into a future with incredible possibilities and challenges.  These directions are reviewed annually with input from our Advisory Board and a five-year re-evaluation will occur in 2024. These directions listed below are not listed in order of priority but all equally important to our community.


School Culture

The CIS School Culture is anchored by moral and ethical leadership that seeks the development of all its community members through the promotion of student and adult agency in one’s own learning.

Beyond CIS-Students and Learning

CIS recognizes that the real and virtual worlds are rich learning environments that students need to explore and be a part of. Our experiential programs is vital to connect students to real world issues and use of virtual learning, resources, and classrooms is an integral part to contemporary learning

Beyond the Present

CIS understands that we need to be adaptive and change to meet the needs, demands and innovation that arise every day.  Learning is a continuum that includes more and more resources, particularly from virtual or AI opportunities, and we will continue to adapt our learning environments and platforms to be responsive to the needs of our students in an ever changing world.

Sustained Growth

CIS continues to develop the campus, programs and resources to meet learning needs for our students on campus.  As we connect more and more with other learning communities around the world, we continue to adapt our campus and online learning approaches to best meet the needs of our students; and we understand that to continue to grow we need to look beyond our physical campus to provide learning opportunities for those who cannot access our grounds.

Global Recognition

CIS believes in a dynamic participation in the world to understand global issues and for others to understand how we as a community address these global issues.  This requires an awareness on the part of all community members of relevant global issues, and active, visible participation in addressing global issues beyond our campus; this will contribute to CIS being recognized as a hub of learning locally, regionally and globally.