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CIS Core Values


Internationally dedicating positive thoughts and efforts to self; something and /or someone that matters

  • Self-Care
  • Care for the  community
  • Care for the environment


We strive to unlock our unlimited potential

  • Dream and Create
  • Spark passions, build Fire
  • Explore and  Experience
  • Take a chance!


We strive to be guided by strong moral principles in all that we do.

  • Honesty in every aspect of our lives
  • Guided by ethical principles
  • Standing for what is just even in the face of adversity
  • Uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence


A state of fulfillment as a result of learning,  being empowered, having purpose, and a sense of belonging

  • Passion/Mission/Vocation/Profession
  • Joy of empowerment
  • Joy of mastery
  • Joy of exploring
  • Joy of sharing knowledge and opinion
  • Joy of accepting challenges and growing
  • Joy of interacting/connecting
  • Joy of inclusion
  • Joy of understanding(aha moment)
  • Joy of purpose
  • Joy of new learning
  • Joy of appreciating others
  • Joy of community, local to global


CIS is a harmonious community that embraces dignity, passion and fairness.

  • Respect for self and other as individuals
  • Respect for community and diversity
  • Respect for environment
  • Respect changes and differences
  • Respect for time and opportunities