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Board of Directors

Ramani Sastri

Ramani Sastri, the Chairman and Managing Director of Sterling Developers Pvt. Ltd., is the Promoter/Chairman of the Canadian International School, Bangalore. Read more.. 

Shweta Sastri

Shweta Sastri is the Managing Director and Board Member of Canadian International School, Bangalore(CIS) - a Sterling Developers group venture. Shweta joined CIS in 2006. Read more.. 

Shankar Sastri

Shankar Sastri is the Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Sterling Developers. He directs the company's marketing initiatives, pairing strategic acumen with industry insight. Read more.. 

Leadership Team (LT)

Ted Mockrish Ed. D

Head of School

Hello and welcome to the Canadian International School Website!

We are thrilled to share our new website with everyone- it represents a year’s worth of thinking about who we are as a community, and how we could best represent that to the world. Read more.. 

Rekha Sachdej Ed.D.

Elementary Principal
The Early Years and Elementary programs at CIS focus on the development of the whole child. Equal emphasis and importance is place on the child’s academic, social, emotional and physical growth. Read more.. 

Regis Caudrillier

Middle School Principal
CIS is a mosaic of cultures and has been so for many years. My association with the school has spanned almost 2 decades and I can vouch for the diversity we attract and celebrate. Read more.. 


Jay Langkamp

High School Principal
Our school aims to provide one of the best educational programs in East Asia. Our commitment to excellence begins with our core values of integrity, inspiration, respect, caring, and joy. Read more.. 

Shefali Jhaveri

Head of Learning
What we have at CIS is something truly distinctive. When you walk through our halls, you will notice the enthusiasm and purpose that our students possess for learning. Read more..