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Andrew Nicholson

Welcome to our CIS Middle School

Middle School, (Grades 6 - 8), at CIS is designed to nurture the developing needs of the students. We understand that they are experiencing rapid physical, intellectual, emotional, and social change; and our programs aim to support their growth in a developmentally appropriate way. We are committed to providing every student with personal support along their individual learning journey.

Students will be encouraged to explore a variety of learning opportunities on offer; developing new passions, and “mastering” previously experienced activities. These options vary in duration, (yearlong or semester), and are available in a variety of fields, providing enrichment, in addition to the subject- based learning. We aim to have students nourish their confidence, team skills, and leadership through these activities.

At CIS, we ensure that students are actively involved in their learning, take increasing responsibility for themselves as they pass through middle school, and leave well prepared for the demands of high school. Our unique Experiential Learning program is a core part of this approach. Students work together to address real-world problems in and outside of the school. In doing so, middle school students continue to develop the conceptual understanding, the competency and the character that will serve them well in becoming agents of change for a better world. A program that includes on-site experiences, in combination with excursions, culminating in an extended experiential trip will be created to provide connections and conversations with experts, and to explore and engage with local and global issues, searching for solutions to improve our world.

To achieve our ambitious goals for your children, the home-school partnership has to be strong. I encourage you, as parents of middle school students, to engage in the learning process in every way possible. Being new to CIS this year, I am particularly excited to meet and work alongside our middle school students, their families, and wider community.

Andrew Nicholson
Middle School Principal