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Rekha Sachdej

The Early Years and Elementary programs at CIS focus on the development of the whole child. Equal empahsis and importance is place on the child’s academic, social, emotional and physical growth. Our teachers are qualified, experienced, and compassionate educators that create an environment that nurtures the curiosty in each child. Our curriculum is transdisciplnary and inquiry based, to further support a child’s eagerness to learn. 

Our curriculum takes the learning objectives of the Primary Cambridge program, and places them in thematic units that make learning more interesting and relatable to our students. Each theme is explored through the CGC framework focusing on conceptual understanding, competencies and character. Such themes include Back in The Day(Grade 4  unit on ancient civilizations), A Day in the Life (Grade 1 unit on community helpers), Express Yourself (Grade 3 unit on how people express themselves in various forms). 
We invite you to visit our campus and see the truly amazing and engaging learning that is taking place.

Rekha Sachdej 
Elementary Principal 
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Rekha Sachdej, High School Principal at Canadian International School, Bangalore