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CIS Robust Alumni Network with Students

Batchmates for Life: Global Network

As a student at CIS, you develop a robust network with students from various geographies and backgrounds. You only truly understand the value of a global network once you leave the secure cocoon of CIS and venture out into the world. Wolfpack helps you remain connected with CIS and the people you have studied with.  It also helps you connect and build relationships with CIS alumni across the globe.

Become a part of the Wolfpack

Join the Wolfpack and remain connected with your fellow CIS Alums in a few simple steps:

  • Go to Alumni Portal here
  • Click on the Register button
  • Fill out and submit information to build your profile
  • Await an approval from the Admin
  • Welcome to the Wolfpack!
CIS Wings

CIS Wings

Each year CIS awards up to 10 scholarships to students entering grade 9 and 11 based on academic performance and financial need. While we support these students through school, we believe that we need to ensure that we help them achieve their college dreams too. CIS Wings raises funds for these students through crowdfunding and helps fulfil their dream of attending a college of their choice. The funds raised are used to pay tuition fees for the student, get the student to college and procure academic materials. We began CIS Wings in 2020, and it is now an activity club wherein our students come together to run crowdfunding campaign to raise funds.

CIS's diverse environment helped me learn about other cultures and people, providing valuable knowledge in a globalized world. I didn't realize it then, but the diverse backgrounds of the people in CIS taught me a lot, including how to overcome cultural barriers outside of school. Overall, this experience was incredibly beneficial.

Siddhanth Munukutla (Engineer)
Class of 2009

Student Life after CIS

Life after CIS

While students spend some of their most memorable and cherished years at CIS, they do go on to conquer the world and write their own story. 100% of our students get into their college of choice and pursue their chosen academic path.

CIS alumni continue to be bound together through the Wolfpack and often connect with their classmates and other alums on a casual and professional front. While our alumni are all across the globe excelling in their academic journeys or professional careers, they often visit CIS and reconnect with teachers and staff. Alumni also come together for special campus events and relive their CIS days.

CIS represents Compassion, Integrity, and Stability, and supported me in pursuing my tennis career by rescheduling classes. The faculty created a strengths-based environment to help students develop, and CIS has excellent relationships with top colleges worldwide. CIS offers an unparalleled platform for education, sports, and a secure future for children and parents.

Deeraj Shetty (Managing Director)
Class of 2000

CIS was the best educational experience I could have had, especially having gone to another international school based in Bangalore prior. I felt that the teachers here were more hands-on when it came to building on my weaknesses and the structure of their programming definitely played to my strengths. I graduated as a more confident person, well-rounded and ready for the world.

Sana Rizwan (Entrepreneur)
Class of 2002

Attending the Canadian International School helped shape who I am today through caring staff, dedicated faculty, and inspiring peers from around the world. The IB program instilled valuable skills and values, making me feel confident in pursuing higher education abroad. Being an alumnus of CIS fills me with pride.

Brinda Mysore (MBBS)
Class of 2011

Being an IB student at CIS allowed me to develop strong close relationships with my teachers, and utilize a multitude of opportunities by which I could engage myself in the local and global communities. IB is challenging, no doubt, but the CIS community is so supportive that the whole experience was nothing but rewarding.

Mallika Makkar
Class of 2014