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Our Process

For all grades, we require assessments for admission. These assessments vary based on grade level and may include observation times in class and/or sitting for admissions tests in English and Math. We also require the past two years’ report cards highlighting academic and personal growth for all applicants.

For any questions and more information,
please contact our Admissions Team:

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The admissions team is excited to partner with families as they consider their educational choices for their children.

Early Years and
Lower Elementary

Vinal Amalkar

Admissions Executive
Ph. No:
+91 80 6759 4444 Ext. 241
Mob. No: +91 9845150395

Upper Elementary
and Middle School

Divya Sasikumar

Admissions Officer
Ph. No: +91 80 6759 4444 Ext. 202
Mob. No: +91 9845150395

High School

Meredith Mehra

Head of Admissions
Ph. No: +91 80 6759 4444 Ext. 216
Mob. No: +91 9980873730