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5 things CIS teachers have learnt about technology integration in the classroom

5 things CIS teachers have learnt about technology integration in the classroom

Technology in the classroom is a major tool as a pedagogical resource and in connecting with and engaging younger generations. As tech usage is increasingly adopted by educational institutes, it plays an integral role in revolutionizing education as we know it. Today, technology and education are a great combination if used together with the right reason and vision. More than simply substituting keyboard for pen and paper, advanced tech usage can redefine how learning takes place and is communicated.

Canadian International School (CIS), a top international school in Bangalore, is a firm believer in preparing our students for the world of tomorrow. Our journey of 23 years has been focused on evolving and adapting to create an ideal learning environment for our young learners. As India’s 1st Apple Distinguished School, CIS leverages technology for educational and communication purposes; teachers are empowered to be learners themselves to continue to explore hardware and software possibilites and develop strategies and understand best developmental practices to create the most challenging environments for students to grow. Here are 5 things our teachers have learnt about technology integration in the classroom over the years at CIS:

  1. How to engage all learners using technology

    Technology-aided lessons at CIS make the learning environment more engaging and motivate students with the use of iPads. The iPad is a great tool that can be flexibly used in the classroom. Our teachers have learnt to use iPads in a variety of ways, including students creating work, sharing research and notes, classroom management, engaging student learning, and in analyzing students’ work.
  2. Gain strategies to improve communication, assessment, feedback, and support

    Technology is an effective way to stay connected with students inside and outside the classroom. At CIS, we have frequent Professional Development (PD) Days to share strategies through an open forum where ideas are discussed, debated, and analyzed. This is in the context of discovering various apps regarding teaching, learning, and assessment.
  3. Explore best practices for effective technology integration

    When integrated properly, technology can promote the development of 21st-century skills including communication, collaboration, and analytical thinking. Our teachers effectively use best practices for technology integration to create engaging and interactive lessons.
  4. Learn about the different apps, software, and tools that can be leveraged in the classroom

    There are a ton of great educational apps and tools for students to learn within the classroom. These tools make learning fun and interactive, and help students retain more and have a more positive state of mind about the process. PD days have encouraged teachers to learn about using relevant apps, tools, and software to effectively boost learning.
  5. Network with like-minded educators and administrators

    Apart from conducting Professional Development (PD) days on campus, we also encourage our teachers and administrators to participate in PD days outside CIS. To be able to adapt and integrate the requirements of today in the classroom, we feel that it is imperative for our faculty to interact with minded educators and administrators from across the world.

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