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5 ways the Kindergarten program at CIS benefits young children

5 ways the Kindergarten Program at CIS Benefits Young Children

Kindergarten or Pre-School at Canadian International School (CIS) is a program specifically designed to help children from the ages of 3 to 6 to improve their existing skills and develop new ones. This includes Pre-Kindergarten (3 year olds), Junior Kindergarten (4 year olds), and Senior Kindergarten (5 year olds). We believe that children at this age are taking great leaps in their development; a stimulating, materials rich, and positive environment will ensure they take these steps with confidence.

The Kindergarten program at CIS is a mix of the Cambridge Primary and the Ontario Curriculum – The Full Day Learning Program 2016. This developmentally appropriate curricula fosters learning through a play-based program where students are able to interact, explore, be responsible for their own investigations, and develop fine and gross motor skills and cognitive skills. Children are also provided with the opportunity to develop caring relationships with adults as well as friendships with other children. Here are 5 ways our Kindergarten program benefits young children:

  1. Fosters personal and social development

Kindergarten lays the foundation for developing both personal and social skills. Children part of the program at CIS learn the basic rules of how we interact with each other. They continuously engage and interact with other students as well as adults apart from their parents. They learn to negotiate, problem solves, and share materials. Circle Time is also a tool for improving relationships and behavior. Children get the opportunity to share and talk in front of other people, build confidence in front of an audience, and learn to pay attention to others.

  1. Develops spatial awareness

Spatial awareness is the ability to understand and interact with the environment around you and is critical to a child’s learning development. At CIS, the top international preschool, the Kindergarten program helps children learn about themselves and how they relate to their surroundings naturally. Several activities and play are integrated into the day to help children develop spatial ability and awareness in areas such as math skills, visual perceptual skills, and body awareness. These activities include active, physical exploration of the real world and tools and materials that require building and measuring.

  1. Nurtures gross and fine motor skills

It is imperative that children get the support to develop large motor skills to walk, run, and play, and fine motor skills to perform tasks like writing, drawing, and using scissors. At CIS, the best kindergarten in Bangalore, we have a lot of craft, hands-on activities, and outside play to see how children process motor skills. Graphomotor skills such as cutting, pasting, holding a pen or paintbrush help children develop coordination and manipulate materials to create, express themselves, and perform tasks. Sand tracing, painting of letters, and other sweeping motions help develop fine motor skills needed before holding a pencil so that children develop the skills necessary to be prepared for an academic future.

  1. Teaches children to be responsible

CIS emphasizes the need for children to be independent and responsible for themselves and their belongings so that they are prepared for an ever-changing global community. Our Kindergarteners go to the bathroom and wash on their own and they are in charge of their snack boxes. Responsibility and independence are life skills that equip children in their academic and professional careers as well as in their personal lives.

  1. Provides a flexible environment that caters to the needs of each student

We live in a global community and as an institution with over 22 years of experience in providing each student with a world-class international education, CIS has evolved to be a flexible environment that is able to cater to the needs of every student. We believe that each child is unique and utmost importance is given in helping all our children succeed and prepare for Elementary school. Kindergarten at CIS is distinctive because our program is designed to give children the choice to learn differently and classes such as Montessori allow us to give that option.

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