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Adding to the Calm

Adding to the Calm

One thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done in panic. ~Susan McHenry

It is really hard for those used to strong routines to slow down during this time. Sometimes we try to fill up the void with things so that we do not have to ‘take rest’. Rest sometimes activates voices that tell us that we are being lazy, we haven’t done enough or that it is not allowed. The disruption that the situation has brought upon us has at some level directed us into a place of discomfort.

How much of our motivation channeling into our activity is from a place of peace rather than panic? It is okay to follow a routine, finish projects around the home or engage in ways to help others. It would be useful to be aware if any of our behaviour is coming from a place of control or escape. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept the quietness.

Complete peace during this time will be challenging. However, completing at least one activity a day for self-care will add to the calm. When we are looking at handling our kids, a very rigid routine, perfect parents or an environment of constant cheer and happiness is not what will push them through. Instead what they need to know is that they are accepted for all that they bring forth during this time, including the screaming, crying, the disconnect and push back. The reality is we all need a space to process and communicate the life changes and uncertainties.

For some, engaging in the panic behaviour with anxiety is easy as it is familiar. However, it is okay to resist this. It does not mean you don’t care, or don’t practice caution or prepare. It means that we observe and choose not to be swept away by our feelings.

When there is a whirlwind of anxiety, how do we add to the calm? Time outdoors (Zen moments in the garden, balcony, terrace), hydrating ourselves sufficiently, breathing exercise, journaling, adequate sleep, disengaging when needed and limiting social media.

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