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CIS - A Hub for Global Education Excellence! 

In the bustling city of Bangalore, home to a myriad of educational institutions, the Canadian International School (CIS) shines as a beacon of global education. As the first IB Diploma Program (IBDP) School in Bangalore, CIS consistently ranks among the top IB schools in Bangalore. CIS students are empowered through this world-class education to become globally- minded contributors and leaders.

Embracing the IBDP Curriculum

As our students enter the IBDP, they choose among six discipline groups that include languages, social sciences, sciences, math, and the arts along with the Core IB Program courses, Theory of Knowledge course, Extended Essay, and the CAS program.

The IBDP curriculum is celebrated worldwide for its comprehensive approach to education, emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth and is recognized as among the most rigorous international programs worldwide.

Advantages of IB Education

The advantages of an IBDP education contribute to students' well-rounded development and global outlook:

  1. Conceptual Understanding: Through a focus on conceptual ideas, students become adept at transferring ideas and approaches across disciplines.  This prepares students to work across a range of fields with deep understanding on the interconnected nature of all things.

  2. Comprehensive Skill Development: The IBDP curriculum develops a broad range of skills among students, from critical thinking and research abilities to communication and intercultural competence. This comprehensive approach prepares them to be independent thinkers and doers on the complex global stage.

  3. Global Outlook: The IBDP offers students a global perspective. Through subjects like Global Politics and the Theory of Knowledge, our students learn to navigate global challenges with sensitivity and open-mindedness, and fosters a deep sense of understanding and empathy.

  4. Academic Rigor: The IBDP is universally accepted as one of the highest academic standardized programs for high school completion worldwide.  Through its well-rounded structure, it ensures that students are well-prepared for the demands of higher education and professional lives. CIS  Graduates consistently gain admission to prestigious universities both in India and worldwide.
  5. Service-Oriented Ethos: CAS (Creativity/Activity/Service) is an essential component of the program. In the IBDP, students participate in an IB Retreat, where they gain insights into the program's structure, develop lifelong relationships with each other, and understand the expectations for the next two years, as they engage in team building and leadership activities. In the first year of the IBDP, students also embark on a CAS excursion, offering them an opportunity to work on a week-long project either in India or abroad.
the advantages of a multicultural classroom

The CAS program aligns with our three dimensions of learning: Conceptual Understanding, Competency, and Character Development. Our students have the opportunity to connect their subject-based learning with their CAS experiences, and vice versa. This integration brings learning to the real world and deepens understanding of subject knowledge while offering diverse perspectives and rich approaches to their subjects.

CIS's Global Footprint

We are committed to global education that extends beyond Bangalore.  With a presence in South Asia, our school emphasizes its role as a global leader in education.

We have garnered acclaim as one of the top IB schools in Bangalore. Our sprawling, well-equipped campus, a faculty of diverse and certified educators, and a diverse student body contribute to our reputation as a hub for educational excellence. We are committed to student-centered learning and innovative teaching methodologies ensuring that students are active agents in their learning that extends beyond textbooks and their classrooms.

Preparing Students for a Global Future

Our mission and vision revolve around the belief that education is a transformative process that can shape a better future. We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to become, not only academically proficient but also compassionate, adaptable, and socially responsible global citizens who actively contribute to a sustainable and inclusive world.

Through a combination of academic rigor, extracurricular activities, and community engagement, our students are exposed to a wealth of experiences that broaden their horizons. Students develop an appreciation for cultural diversity, global challenges, and the importance of collaboration on a global scale. 

Our commitment to the IBDP curriculum, coupled with its global perspective and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, places CIS as a premier educational institution within India and the world. We are more than  a school; CIS is a gateway to a world of opportunities, where students are nurtured, challenged, and empowered to become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow's interconnected world.