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Holistic Development: Exploring Co-curricular Advantages at CIS Education

Exploring Co-curricular Advantages at CIS Education

Learning is a broad concept that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Establishing well-rounded experiences for students only occurs with a steady balance of academic development, artistic, cognitive, and character development inside and outside the classroom. Canadian International School (CIS), a top school in Bangalore, integrates co-curricular activities into the curriculum to help students develop a holistic mindset with a lot of interesting and important experiences outside the traditional classroom.

What are the co-curricular activities offered at CIS?

Co-curricular activities are a mandatory part of the elementary, middle, and high school curriculum at CIS. Apart from after-school sports, arts programs, and service opportunities, CIS students also have weekly clubs. Our students choose two activities from a range of over 40 activities weekly! From coding to photography and drawing to water sports, our students have the advantage of focusing on their interests and pursuing activities that they are truly passionate about. Apart from that, they also get to try things that maybe they have not yet had the opportunity to try as yet.

What are the advantages of participating in co-curricular activities?

  • Learning social skills
  • Developing collaborative skills
  • Developing communication skills
  • Building stamina and effort
  • Fostering commitment
  • Broadening one’s experience to try unknown things
  • Developing time management skills
  • Exploring interests
  • Nurturing self-esteem

We encourage participation in co-curricular activities with students across grade levels to help develop social skills and boost interaction with peers. Additionally, prioritizing across various commitments by participating in co-curricular activities helps our students become proactive, creative problem-solvers, and more organized in their day-to-day lives. Contributing to co-curricular activities is directly correlated to improving our students’ self-esteem and having a positive impact on classroom performance.

Our students’ participation in co-curricular activities requires commitment and drive to contribute throughout the term. We have seen several students challenge themselves through their participation year after year. CIS also conducts numerous events throughout the year such as the Annual Inter-School Golf Tournament and the Terry Fox Run to boost student participation in co-curricular activities.

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