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Exploring the Depths: Dive Against Debris with Maanya

Introducing Maanya, CIS high school student, an avid ocean enthusiast and a certified Scuba diver. Four years ago, she embarked on a captivating underwater journey dri,ven by her fascination with marine life and a profound desire to acquaint herself with the vast two-thirds of our planet that often remains unexplored.

Maanya's exploration has been marked by an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and a plethora of remarkable experiences. Her unwavering commitment to the Dive Against Debris initiative is a direct outcome of this unwavering passion.

In this compelling video presentation, you'll have the unique opportunity to share in her first-hand experiences from her initial four dives. Join us as we dive together to witness the breathtaking underwater beauty and make a pledge to fulfill your role in preserving our cherished home, our beloved Earth.