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Finding a Middle Path at CIS

Finding a Middle Path

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, at what point did this become a real problem? Threat perception includes a number of factors that elevate the available information. The purpose of finding a middle path is to ensure that we are moving forward irrespective of the situation getting better or worse. A clear understanding of factors that affect us as individuals and societies can lead us to a better understanding of how to take care of ourselves.

Focus on self-care: Recognize that the tasks of a daily routine take more energy when it takes place against the backdrop of an epidemic. Prioritise self-care. Figure out what we can let go or postpone and schedule in some time where we can focus on ourselves. Below the article is a weekly checklist that can be used to organise time inclusive of self-care.

Identifying thinking traps: Recognize when our thinking is leaning towards a natural tendency to catastrophize and find a measured response that acknowledges the facts. For example, if my thoughts are “ It’s impossible to finish this work” or “ Things are never going to be the same again.”, replacing these with more realistic thoughts such as “ This is a difficult task for me. How shall I break this down to make it easier?” or “I feel anxious. What is in my control that I can do?” can help diffuse anxiety.

Abiding preventive measures: Adapting to the changes in our circumstances is essential to manage ourselves. Assert control where it will be useful such as routinizing new social patterns of washing hands, keeping from touching our faces and resorting to social media to connect with people. Be clear about the type of media reports you are consuming. Media reports without clear messages about how to protect yourself will increase anxiety. Listen to information provided by friends and family and share information with others discerningly. Ask yourself, is it fact? What is the source? Is it helpful or anxiety provoking?

Being active: Engage in activities that keep us calm and composed, especially in a difficult situation. Turn off screens for some time in a day to engage in exercise, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, meditation, reading or other pleasurable hobbies.

Connect with people: Increase your connection with loved ones by spending time together and expressing affection. Find support with a mentor, wise friend, medical or mental health practitioner if you find that concerns about the virus are interfering with your ability to engage in the responsibilities of daily life. Look for opportunities to engage in random acts of kindness that will increase our own positive feelings, as well as strengthen the social fabric that binds us together as a community.

Resources for the week:

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