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Integrating Technology in Elementary School at CIS

Integrating Technology in Elementary School at CIS

In an increasingly technologically oriented world, it is integral to balance learning with the use of technology in young children. It goes without saying that technology is something that can easily boost engagement and motivation in the classroom and that this needs to be done in a purposeful and balanced way to support young learners. Canadian International School (CIS), a top school in Bangalore, is an educational institution that strikes this balance in preparing students for an ever-changing global community.

With the strong digital future that lies ahead of us, it is only natural that we embrace the role technology can play to improve learning experiences. CIS was recognized as India’s 1st Apple Distinguished School for its efforts in leveraging technology in the classroom. Classrooms at CIS are equipped with a projector and a computer for larger group instruction along with access to iPads for learners to use independently or in smaller group settings Technology use reinforces our teachers’ ability to expand the curricular content, motivate students to learn, and allows students to create content rather than merely consuming content.

The Elementary School at CIS has a dedicated Technology integration specialist. The tech integration specialist works with classroom teachers and students to utilize technology to plan and implement learning supported by technology. Students learn to use technology under the supervision of adults while learning within the classroom; they also learn about being a good digital citizen, using technology ethically and responsibly. Colourful, creative, and engaging apps are integrated into our learning programs. The objective is to enable learning through visual apps that are easier to manage and manipulate. Some of the most popular apps used are Popplet and PicCollage. These apps are used as a mind map to help capture facts, thoughts, and images to learn to create relationships between them. Augmented reality apps such as Quiver, The Human Body, and The Earth are also frequently used to engage students and enable them to grasp the knowledge quickly.

Additionally, students learn the basics of coding, robotics, and digital citizenship in some specialized classes outside of the classroom. Here students drill down into more complex applications of technology that supporting learning about technology for technology’s sake. This forms a foundation for students in upper elementary classrooms as they progress into middles school and engage with ever more complex technological skills and platforms.

We believe that technological foundation in elementary education is important because it helps prepare students for a more digital future. It teaches contemporary skills necessary to navigate and be successful in today’s world. A majority of today’s jobs have a digital component that will only grow and get more complex as time goes on. Therefore, understanding how to use technology appropriately is as critical as teaching students how to read and write

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