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International Boarding at Canadian International School

International Boarding at Canadian International School

Boarding schools are intentional communities created with the students’ growth and development in mind. Students have the liberty to focus on academics, participate in arts and athletics offerings in a supervised and structured environment. Canadian International School (CIS), one of the top international boarding schools in India offers a unique experience for students who live on campus. Here’s a look at the facilities we offer and the structure we follow.

The boarding at CIS is home to over 70 students from 16 different countries. We have a friendly boarding team and our students enjoy what we call ‘humane discipline’. Our boarding team strives to create a conducive environment that helps students reap the benefits of living at an educational institution. Our goal is to establish a program that gives students a healthy balance of activities and academic support, mimicking an atmosphere that they would otherwise have at home. This is challenging considering that our students come from varied cultural backgrounds and are from Grade 6 up to IB2. However, our team always ends up achieving a strong sense of harmony, shared by students and boarding parents alike.

Boarding parents are part of the team to oversee the safety and productivity of the students. There is one set of boarding parents on each floor to define the rules and set the standards for good communal living. Boarding parents are there to give our students support, lend a friendly ear, help them develop responsibility and independence, and assist with assignments and homework. There are also tutors that visit the school, should a student need guidance and support from an academic standpoint.

There are several events and activities that are planned for the boarders, both after schools and during the weekends. Apart from treks, team game events, and sports tournaments, there are planned movie outings, excursions, and factory visits. Community service is also a primary part of boarding events and activities, and students are encouraged to participate and contribute towards the society. One of the most popular events from the previous academic year was the Night of Kings and Queens. It was a great platform for all the boarders to showcase their talents at the Odeum and participate in fun games. We also have an ‘Ice-breaking’ event at the start of the year, primarily to get all the new students acquainted with each other.

CIS has modern facilities with a family-style atmosphere in the boarding house. Students share a room in pairs of the same grade/age. There are two wings for boys and girls along with separate lounge areas equipped with recreational facilities such as televisions’, table tennis, a pool table, an air hockey table, and foosball tables. The CIS boarding also has its own air-conditioned, spacious multi-purpose hall, which is also used as the study hall.

A holistic, open, multicultural environment is a highlight of the boarding at Canadian International School (CIS). Our students develop a positive attitude to communicate and interact with a diverse group which helps prepare them for a life in college and make connections that last for many years to come. The environment also fosters acceptance and tolerance in students to help create a moral and civic community. If you wish for your child to have a wholesome international school experience, give us a call here at 08067594444 or book an appointment with us here to visit our campus.