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Life at CIS Boarding - Bangalore

Life at CIS Boarding, Bangalore

Boarding at Canadian International School, Bangalore provides the right kind of balance for students.  This video was created by our boarding students to give you a glimpse of life from a student’s perspective.  

A healthy breakfast starts the day as students gather in the cafeteria before classes begin at 8:10 a.m.  

Students have just a short walk to the academic blocks as the school day begins.

Once the school day finishes, students have the opportunity to burn off some energy before their first study block begins.  Students have 2 study periods Monday through Friday to ensure they have ample time to work on individual and group projects.

After the second study block, students have a chance to socialize and have some “down time” before their “lights out” each evening.

Weekends are an active time for our boarding students.  A combination of on and off-campus activities are planned by our boarding staff on a monthly basis to give students the opportunity to maintain a routine when class time is not part of their day, while at the same time, have fun together.