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Techconx Innovating With the 4Cs

TechConX: Innovating with the 4Cs

>>Creativity >>Communication >>Collaboration >>Critical Thinking

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” – Dr. Heidi-Hayes Jacobs

CIS’ TechConX, the annual conference dedicated to exploring and discussing ideas on integrating technology into the classroom, returns for another year. It is a professional development opportunity for teachers, educators, and specialists in the field of education, enabling them to discover, discuss, share, and showcase this integration.

We believe true learning should take every student beyond the classroom, and this belief encouraged us to become one of the first 1:1 iPad schools in India and the first in Bangalore to embrace anytime, anywhere learning. Furthermore, the success we’ve witnessed by introducing technology in the classroom has inspired us to connect with others in the field via TechConX and educate them on the benefits. While we’ve made strong strides with the first edition of TechConX, we realise that there is more left to do, more schools and educators to reach out to. This belief stems from the fact the despite technology’s critical role in education, educators are still challenged with questions like ‘Does technology in fact impact education?’ and ‘How does technology help children learn better?’

Here’s what we, as educators, have learnt by integrating technology in our classrooms:

  1. Technology revolutionizes the design of instruction by making learning a consistently collaborative and engaging activity. It encourages both teachers and students to partake, share, and interact in a more dynamic environment.
  2. Technology is an enabler for students that helps them learn at their own pace as well as develop valuable research skills by giving them access to an expanse of materials.
  3. Both teachers and parents can track student progress in real time and archive reports, that actively helps them engage with different students suitably and motivate them to improve performance.
  4. Technology has also been found to have had a noticeable grade boost among students owing to its gamified learning experience that not only creates excitement but also adds a touch of social element to education.
  5. Most importantly, technology transposes the classroom beyond its physical constraints and focuses on knowledge sharing.

TechConX provides teachers, principals, and educators the opportunity to engage and interact with technology and experience its many benefits first-hand, via presentations, workshops, and sessions lead by many experienced educators, including those lead by Apple Distinguished Educators. It is also a platform that aims to unite educators, and encourage them to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Join us for a day of exploration and discover how iPads can empower both teachers and students to foster creativity, collaboration, and curiosity.

Be part of TechConX and play a role in reshaping every student’s future.

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