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The Contextual Connection at CIS

The Contextual Connection at CIS

The global scenario is changing and parents are looking for an education that emphasizes a hands-on learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Experiential learning accentuates learning in a way that students are able to construct meaning based on their own experiences and their own unique perspectives. This type of learning is called Contextual Learning (CL), an important part of the Elementary, Middle, and High School curriculum at Canadian International School (CIS), a top school in Bangalore. Students at CIS are encouraged to explore global and local issues as they search for solutions, meet new people, discover new places, and discuss ideas they would otherwise not be exposed to.

Academic concepts as they are commonly taught in traditional schools do not contextualize learning or make it real and applicable in a child’s world.. Our teachers discovered that most students’ interest and achievement in math, science, and language improve dramatically when they are helped to make connections between new knowledge and experiences they have had, or with other knowledge that they have already mastered. The need for students to understand these concepts encouraged CIS to kick-start the CL Program.  This started in our Middle School but now is growing successfully in our Elementary School and High School as well.

In our Middle School program, CL is integrated from Grades 6 to 8. Each grade level focuses on different aspects:

6th Grade: A Focus on Self-Awareness
Who am I? What do I believe? Who do I want to become when I grow up? How do I work in a team? How do I face challenges

7th Grade: Greater Understanding
What role do I play in my community? Does my voice matter? How can I use technology for social innovation? What impact do I have on the lakes and forests around me?

8th Grade: Compassion and Communication
Who are the people around me? What are their religions, their backgrounds, their aspirations? What does it mean to be different? What can I learn about myself by serving others? What makes a group of people a team?

The program is popular amongst students as it is known for accelerating learning by making it more participation centric and also making it fun. Students get the opportunity to experience real-life situations, solve complex problems in a larger society in which they will live and work, and make connections outside the classroom. CL also significantly improves the engagement levels in our students because they understand the connection between concepts inside and outside the classroom. The program’s success lies in its reflection and presentation components; a journal that students keep and their contribution to a blog throughout the year.

Contextual Learning (CL) paves the way for our teachers to choose and/or design learning environments that incorporate different forms of experiences for desired learning outcomes. In such an environment, the CIS students discover meaningful relationships between abstract ideas and practical applications in the context of the real world; enabling the process of discovering, reinforcing, and relating.

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