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The Elementary Curriculum at Canadian International School

The Elementary Curriculum at Canadian International School

Elementary learning supports children to acquire foundational literacy, numeracy, creativity, and communication skills. The primary goal is to build on the natural curiosity of the students – seeking answers to questions, planning investigations, exploring ideas using equipment and resources, and working with others. The Elementary school at Canadian International School (CIS) provides students with a collaborative and purposeful learning environment that supports independent learning through active involvement and engagement in their own learning process.  When students are involved in planning and assessing their own learning, they develop metacognitive skills (thinking about their own thinking) that further supports independence and active agency.

CIS employs the Cambridge Primary, a UK based curriculum in Elementary school because it aligns student learning throughout the elementary school to become confident in their academic success and complements a range of teaching methods. The curriculum balances understanding of English, Math, and Science for students aged 5 to 11. We also integrate the arts into regular student experiences. The aim is to not only help our students develop socially, physically, and psychologically, but also enable them to be book-smart and common sense strategies.

Apart from classroom learning, a primary component of the curriculum we follow is to allow students to explore and experience what they learn on a first-hand basis. Experiential learning engages students in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making in contexts that are personally relevant to them. Our approach to learning and teaching in the Elementary school involves making opportunities for debriefing and consolidation of ideas and skills through feedback, reflection, and the application of these ideas and skills to new situations.

Homework compliments learning at the Elementary level at CIS, with the goal of supporting the Cambridge curriculum during classroom learning. For English and Math, teachers assign regular homework, which includes the use of Raz-Kids and IXL Math. The feedback given to students throughout the program is comprehensive and each child’s performance is individually assessed.

As a truly top international school in Bangalore, we at Canadian International School (CIS) believe in imparting a holistic education that develops responsible global citizens; teaching ethics, values and civic sense to our students. The Elementary curriculum helps us reinforce our core values of Joy, Caring, Respect, Integrity, and Inspiration, and create an ideal learning environment that helps us shape our students into conscientious young adults.