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The Importance of Having a School Counsellor

The Importance of Having a School Counsellor

Students today face challenges and pressures that need additional support from when we were young and growing up.  More and more, schools need to be equipped to assist students of all ages to cope better with the challenges of schools, transitioning from childhood to young adulthood, social media and so many other distractors in today’s world. Counselling is designed to give students a healthy outlet to safely discuss their problems, work together to resolve conflicts, improve behaviour, and help with social development. School counsellors may work with young students from Pre-Kindergarten or with older high school students, each with their unique sets of challenges and at crucial turning points in their lives. Canadian International School (CIS), a top international school located in North Bangalore, prioritizes in student wellbeing in a number of ways, including having highly qualified counsellors for elementary and secondary school. Apart from having these two full-time counsellors, we also provide an environment that is open, fosters acceptance, and encourages students to bring their concerns to the foreground where we can work through them together.

What is the role of a school counsellor?

We have two school counsellors at CIS, one that exclusively works with elementary students and one that works with middle and high school students. Apart from being there for students who are going through a difficult time, our counsellors are also available for students who need advice and support. Our Counselors also work with parents and families to support parenting, help with understanding social media, and connecting with positive discipline outcomes.  Additionally, because our families come from all over the world, each with their unique ideas about family, discipline, and support, our counsellors bridge this gap and connect us all to our CIS culture. Counselling may also help students overcome behavioural problems, improve their time management and organizational skills, establish academic goals, resolve interpersonal problems with other students, or work through personal problems.

Why do schools need a counsellor?

Emphasizing on mental well-being is imperative to help students grow into successful individuals. Keeping in mind that every child is unique, there are different concerns individual to each child. A school counsellor is trained to address issues across a broad spectrum of students. Our counsellors are proficient in helping students deal with peer pressure, academics, and improving their outlook on school, family, and the future.

What difference does our school counsellor make?

Our counsellors at CIS prepare students for academic, career, and social challenges by relating educational agendas to their success in the future. They help in making students motivated learners and encourage them to express themselves. Our school counsellors conduct group and individual counselling sessions if and when required. Parents are also included in sessions for issues that might require outside counselling or support. We conduct frequent coffee sessions that involve parents and teachers to offer solutions to any concerns our parents might have.

School counsellors are also an integral part of a school’s student welfare and learning support committees. They discuss students of concern with other committee members and collect and share information related to student welfare and learning support matters. As part of these committees, school counsellors also develop, coordinate, and assess initiatives that promote student welfare and improve learning standards.

Our counsellors work relentlessly towards ensuring that every child at school is happy. As one of the best international schools in Bangalore, we get students from all over the world and our counsellors are adept in handling international students and work towards warranting the comfort and learning capability of each individual child.

To learn more about Ms. Ashwini, Elemenatry School Counsellor and Ms. Manisha, Middle and High School Counsellor. For more information visit our website or for admissions, visit our admissions page.