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The Significance of CAS after the IB Diploma

The Significance of CAS after the IB Diploma

Canadian International School (CIS) offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), a holistic 2-year course for Grades 11 and 12. Our students benefit from the excellent breadth and depth of knowledge from the program and get the opportunity to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. CAS, a core part of the IBDP, stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, and involves students in a range of self-chosen activities such as artistic expression, adventure and sports, and community service, alongside their academic studies.

All our IB students must complete and document their CAS program efforts from the start of IB1 throughout the IB2. The program includes documented evidence of participation in various experiences and at least one CAS project (minimum of one month’s duration) with a reasonable balance between creativity, activity, and service.  However, CAS stresses the quality of work and effort over the hours spent. This is to cultivate thoughtful and meaningful actions that benefit the student and the community.

At CIS, we believe the best way students can enhance their personal and interpersonal development is through learning and experience; and CAS does just that. The CAS experience provides opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others and fosters a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that students achieve from their work. CAS is also an important counterbalance to the academic challenges of the DP.

Activities outside of school are also an integral part of CAS at CIS. Special focus is given to help students determine their interests and they are encouraged to push beyond their comfort zones. CAS also helps students develop creative skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and cultivates community service and support. In essence, the program is designed to open up opportunities for participation in enriching activities.

The CAS program is an excellent way to document one’s learning beyond academics and test scores and is known to help with college applications. More and more Ivy League and top universities worldwide look at what students contribute to the world as much, and sometimes more than academic test scores. CAS documentation and portfolios help universities determine the depth of character of prospective students. The CAS program is also an important contributor to the personal dispositions, behaviour, and interpersonal relationships of students. Because CAS is a challenging element of the IBDP, it is tremendously rewarding. Our students reap the benefits even after they graduate as CAS provides long-lasting friendships, partnerships, and personal benefits that give them the confidence to achieve their life goals. To learn more about the IBDP at Canadian International School (CIS), one of the top international school in Bangalore, reach out to us here 08067594444 or emails us at