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The Value of Integrating Ipads Into the Classroom at CIS

The value of integrating iPad’s into the classroom

Today’s world is dominated by the use of technology; smartphones and computers are now a necessity to get through even the simplest of day-to-day activities. Therefore, why stick to pens and paper in the classroom? It is vital to equip students to be smart, responsible digital citizens by the time they graduate from school. One tool that facilitates this kind of learning is the iPad, a tool that is known to bring learning to life.

The iPad is a unique instrument for learning. Canadian International School (CIS), one of the best schools in Bangalore, is an early adapter of 1:1 iPad learning in the classroom. As India’s 1st Apple Distinguished School, we believe that the iPad has a number of features that help us focus on our 3 Cs that define learning for us – conceptual understanding skills, competency, and the development of character.  A recent study by Dr. Colleen M. Pacatte in the Apple Book, Gurnee School District 56 1:1 iPad Initiative observed a 20% increase in students who met growth projections in math within two years. Another observation attributed the success in improved student learning to the fact that iPad lessons tend to do more Project-Based Learning (PBL). This has been found to significantly improve student learning across grade levels.

The iPad is mandatory for Middle School and High School (IGCSE and IBDP) students at CIS. Most learning occurs through the use of digital content that is delivered through interactive software where students assign and receive work and provide feedback to students. An added advantage of using technology, especially the iPad, is that  Teachers can go beyond substitution of traditional learning forms, like paper and pencil, but redefine how learning occurs in and out of the classroom.

One of the primary benefits of integrating iPad’s into the classroom is that it enables students to develop skills essential for the 21st century. Modern learning is about collaborating with others, solving complex problems, critical thinking, communication, and increasing productivity. iPads can also help develop many practical skills, including creating presentations, learning to differentiate reliable from unreliable sources on the Internet, and maintaining proper online etiquette. These are very important skills that are developed and fostered in the classroom through iPad learning.

iPads have become a revolutionary component of education. Canadian International School (CIS), one of the top schools in Bangalore, has observed that as technology and iPads are integrated into the classroom,  learning becomes more interactive and exciting and becomes personalized to suit the needs of every child. With several interactive tools at their disposal, students continue to reap the benefits of increased understanding while learning.     

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