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What is it like to be an alumnus of CIS?

What is it like to be an alumnus of CIS?

Founded in 1996, Canadian International School (CIS), one of the best schools in Bangalore, is a culturally-rich mosaic offering a world-class education from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Since the inception of the school, over 1000 students have graduated from Grade 12 and moved on to bright futures in India and abroad. It has been a wonderful journey for us, and it has helped CIS stand out as an international school, globally.

In 2016 we reached out to all our graduates and officially started the CIS Alumni Association to mark our 20 year anniversary. We believe that staying in touch with your alma mater is an essential part of appreciating the valuable education you received. Currently, we have over 400 graduates in the club and that number is only growing.

CIS’ Alumni Association is a wonderful platform for graduates around the world to stay connected with each other and build a network to boost connections. We offer multiple opportunities for our alumni to rub shoulders with one another at school events and other functions. It is the perfect opportunity to expand professional connections and meet new people.

Our alumni group also nurtures new graduates by implementing a mentor/mentee relationship. Senior alumni members are always willing to share their expertise and best practices in a given field. It’s great to see that despite the distances, our alumni remain unified in the spirit of a truly international mindset, which has always been a focal point of CIS.

Members of the CIS Alumni Association also benefit from being part of the group. Apart from regular communication to stay updated on the events and activities at the school, and meet-ups hosted to help graduates network, we also offer a 10% discount on the tuition fees for the children of CIS graduates.

Canadian International School, one of the best schools in Bangalore, offers education through Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. To learn more about graduating from Canadian International School, please call us here +918067594444 or email us at