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Why is Kindergarten Unique at CIS?

Why is Kindergarten Unique at CIS?

Kindergarten or Pre-school is a specialized educational program that utilizes play to help children between the ages of 3 to 6 develop mentally, physically, and socially. Kindergarten at Canadian International School (CIS), the best preschool in Bangalore, is a nurturing environment for young children, helping them transition from home to a school environment.

At CIS, we understand that young children are rapidly developing physically and mentally, and it is integral for them to have meaningful experiences that will shape them as enthusiastic learners. Considered as the best play school in Bangalore, CIS is unique because we integrate experiential learning, and the use of manipulative resources and space for developmentally appropriate learning. Students directly investigate and make meaning for what they are learning rather than learning by rote and repetition. The curriculum, a combination of Cambridge Primary and the Ontario Curriculum – includes plenty of field trips related to areas of investigation and interactive cultural events like Eid, Diwali, and Lunar New Year. There are also parent-child interactive days where parents and students work together to complete activities. This approach to social learning positively affects early behavioral and social development in children.

The Kindergarten class framework includes five of seven blocks of a given day with the homeroom teacher and teacher’s aide. The other two periods rotate between co-curricular/specialists classes. Specialists’ classes include Technology, Montessori, P.E and Swimming, and Music and Arts. Age appropriate literacy is a part of our program and by the time our students reach Grade 1, they have a strong foundation of letter-sound recognition to support further literacy growth…

CIS, the best nursery school in Bangalore, believes in helping our students grow up to be responsible global citizens throughout their time with us. Students are also taught to be responsible and independent. They eat and take care of personal hygiene independently, and are responsible for their own belongings. Our students also develop resilience in Kindergarten as they are encouraged to deal with various outcomes, making them learn to try harder to achieve goals.

The environment at Canadian International School (CIS) is structured in a way that it caters to the needs of all our students. To learn more about how the Kindergarten program is unique at CIS, call +919845150395 or email us at to book an appointment.