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Life at CIS Boarding

A caring and joyful environment that nurtures global citizens

If there’s one word to describe our boarding, it is ‘balance’. We ensure that study, recreation, activity, and rest are enjoyed in measure. Students enjoy our friendly atmosphere, and we strive every day to make it as close as possible to the home experience. CIS Boarding houses students in Grades 6 -12 in a modern, welcoming accommodation. We are a large family with students from several nationalities.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a Boarding Parent?

Boarding Parents are crucially responsible for creating a safe, healthy and friendly environment conducive to studies, where all boarders work towards becoming academically focused, active, and caring individuals. Boarding parents enhance the community living experience of boarding students. Boarding parents help to promote a balanced lifestyle among students and the ability to make the right choices, now and later in life.

What is the role of a Local Guardian?

The role of the Local Guardian is a critical one. In case of health conditions requiring regular visits to a physician or hospital, CIS boarding is unable to make individual arrangements. Local Guardians see to it that student needs are met. Boarders may wish to spend weekends or short breaks at the Local Guardian’s home, or in case contagious illness prevents them from staying in boarding.

When is CIS Boarding closed?

During dussehra, winter break (December), spring break (end of March/beginning of April) and summer holidays (June to August). CIS Boarding is open at all other times. Students can stay for short breaks, weekends and other holidays.

Can parents visit the Boarding?

Parents are welcome to visit anytime and need only inform the relevant boarding parent a minimum of 1 day in advance. Stay at Boarding for parents is not possible. We recommend the following nearby hotels:

  • Attide Hotel – Boutique Hotel (5KM)
  • Hotel Liwa – Business Hotel (5KM)
  • Hotel Shreyas – 2-Star Hotel (2KM)