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Humans of CIS

Humans of CIS was created to bring awareness
to the diverse background and experiences of our CIS Community. 
The stories shared by students, parents, teachers, and other persons impacted by the CIS community,
share a unique perspective to our Community of Learning. Take some time to listen and view the videos below. 
This page is updated regularly, so check back for new updates often.

Nicolas CIS Student

Samanthea Laitflang, Middle School Team Lead at CIS

S.T.W, JKA CIS Student

Floriane and Mathieu, CIS Parents

A.N. IGCSE 10th grade CIS Student

Elenita Nakahiro, SCA Treasurer

L.S, Grade 4 CIS Student

Haritha, CIS Parents

Y.G.M.W, 1A CIS Student

Creating a Supportive Environment for Students
Paul George

The Canadian International School (CIS) in Bangalore has taken a proactive approach to this, fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and emotionally. We have successfully devised strategies that can be beneficial for both parents and educators to support the students.

Mental Health Problems of Teenagers: How to Prevent Them
Ridhi and Saana

A wide misconception about mental illness is that it is only caused by external factors. This is not always the truth, as many times depression and other mental illnesses are passed down from generation to generation.

Experiential Learning: Helping Students Apply Their Knowledge
Hannah White

Learning by doing is the best way to learn! Experiential learning is all about immersing yourself in real-life situations to gain practical experience and enhance student thinking abilities. Check out this article on how it can help you apply your knowledge in the real world!

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