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College Guidance

Stretching What’s Possible

The strength of our CIS university counselling team is that they know all of our students, their hopes and dreams, and how they may support them to stretch beyond what they think may be possible in regard to university acceptances.  Our four-year program begins prior to entering  9th grade when students and parents look at course selection for our four-year high school program.  In 9th grade, students and counsellors start to form a student profile and portfolio that will help shape their university aspirations in the coming years. This includes geographical locations, programs, areas of focus, along with how students can tell their story of excellence beyond their grades; sharing their personal projects and internship experience, service and interests transforms each student from a number based on their grades to a contributing, interesting human being that universities compete to have in their ranks.

Our team is versed to provide support for all manner of schools, universities and colleges, all types of career ambitions, and across the globe, from North America to the UK and Europe and in Asia, including India, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, and Australia. We consistently place students at top universities in these regions each year. Our students are accepted to leading universities worldwide. On average, CIS students receive US$ 50,000 in scholarships annually.

To help students understand what life in a particular career is actually like, CIS has an active and diverse industry speaker and internship program where students interact with and work alongside experts in their field at top companies and organizations.  These include hospitals, top-level restaurants, tech firms, law offices, science research centers and in hospitality.  Often these experiences confirm or reshape a student’s interests and career trajectory.

Additional Support

Maximum number of applications

  • A maximum of 8 applications to the USA
  • A maximum of 6 applications to Canada
  • A maximum of 5 applications to the UK
  • For other countries, this number will vary

CIS is an SAT center?

CIS is a SAT testing center (center number 63377). Our students take their tests in the comfort of a familiar environment.  We also offer the PSAT exams to students free of charge prior to SAT exams.

Financial assistance?

Financial aid for international students is available based on merit, financial need, academics or other qualifying scholarships. Our counsellors are well-versed in what may be available to each student over a range of areas of study, region and other unique scholarship opportunities.

A glimpse of the Universities
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