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K-12 Programs

Comprehensive Learning Programs for Holistic Student Development

CIS academic and pastoral care programs are closely integrated to support children as they move into adulthood. Anchored by international curriculum, brought to life by diverse and expert faculty, CIS programs are designed to build character needed to contribute with the intellectual capacity to act.

We Are Artists

Visual arts expresses our ideas and feelings for what it means to be human in ways that words and numbers cannot.  The CIS Arts program is at the core of our rigorous educational program as it merges logical and intuitive thinking needed across all disciplines.

We Are Musicians

There is nothing more human than our voice to song, the beating drum, and the sonorous tones of instruments playing in concert.  Music at CIS develops discipline in the individual musician with the joy of collaboration in making beautiful music together.

We Are Performers

Stories define who we are as individuals and as a community.  The CIS dramatic performers bring our stories to life through perfecting their skills as performers and understanding the stage power of the stage to connect our shared experiences.

We Are Innovators

Innovation means seeing connections between previously unconnected ideas and creating something that addresses continual change.  Through resilience, growth mindset approaches, and remaining curious about our world, our students and teachers remain at the edge of learning.

We Are Explorers

Stepping out of our comfort zone is the first step in learning.  Our students explore the world through experiential learning that connects the world to classroom learning.  I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand.

We Are Global Citizens

Our four-year university counseling program empowers students and families to understand the process for each student’s specific needs towards university acceptances.  Whether for engineering or the fine arts, our team focuses on the career choice, geographical preferences and needs of students and families for their next phase of life.