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Visual Arts
Program at CIS

Art and Design Program for
Exploration and Expression

Elementary Visual Arts Overview

Our Elementary Visual Arts Program offers a diverse range of experiences to support our students' visual arts expression. We aim to develop a visual vocabulary by teaching design, color, shape, line, and expression using various materials. Through non-verbal communication, students learn how to express their ideas and emotions more compellingly.

Curriculum and Skills Development

Our program focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills, discipline, and understanding of expressing oneself through art. Elementary art classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes, giving students ample time to explore their creativity.

Secondary Visual Arts Program
for Experience and Mastery

Middle School Visual Arts Program

Our Middle School Visual Arts Program offers two strands of learning. Students can choose between a semester-long option for exploring visual arts or a mastery option that lasts for an entire year. In both options, students learn painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, and pottery in our purpose-built arts classrooms. They also have opportunities to showcase their work at various school events.

High School Visual Arts Program

Our High School Visual Arts Program continues with the same options in grades 9-10 and culminates with the IB Art program in grades 11-12. The rigorous IB Visual Arts Program focuses on developing students' experiences in visual arts and culminates in a show where students design their gallery space and curate their work from the past two year's creations. This process involves extensive reflections, and the final art show serves as their culminating assessment in the program.

Highlights from our latest IBDP Art Exhibition