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Encouraging respectful and caring participation in the global experience

Experiential Learning (EL)- Learning in classrooms is brought to life through experiential learning. Concepts that are being explored in classes are given real life connections in this program. Through the framework of our core values and student reflections, the program adds a powerful piece to the growth of the whole-child. Experiential Learning  not only supports our academics, but fosters personal exploration and growth in our students K - 12.  

EL provides a live education opportunity that furthers our Core Values of Joy, Integrity, Inspiration, Respect and Caring. Students explore global and local issues as they search for solutions, meet new people, discover new places, and discuss ideas they would otherwise not be exposed to. EL can take place on campus and off campus (day-trips or longer excursions). 

Example of Past EL Projects

  • Composting food from our cafeteria
  • Growing vegetables in the CIS garden
  • Keeping a butterfly garden
  • Maintaining an herb wall with medicinal plants
  • Hampi Exploration for the Unit on Ancient Cvilization.
  • Camping in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
  • Hiking in Skandagiri
  • Guest speakers