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Preparing students to act with integrity in an increasingly digital world

At CIS we recognise the importance and value of integrating technology into all aspects of teaching and learning. Having begun its journey with technology integration in 2011, as the first iPad school in Bangalore, CIS continues to work towards developing the meaningful use of technology in learning. CIS was recognised as India’s 1st Apple Distinguished School, and continues to hold this recognition for it’s continued innovative use of technology in teaching and learning.

In our early years and elementary programs, students and teachers are able to access grade level iPad carts of 24 iPads each, for integrated use in homeroom and specialist classes. Additionally, our students are also able to further develop their technical skills as a part of the ICT program in our elementary tech suite.

Grade 6-8 learners join our 1:1 iPad program, where every learner is able to access learning through their iPad. This includes opportunities to access a range of resources, create digital content including movies, podcasts and much more!

Learners in our high school program are able to bring to school either an iPad or a laptop of their choice. Here too, learners are able to access learning through technology, submit assignments digitally, and create, share and build digital portfolios that demonstrate their learning.

Additionally, students in our middle and high school programs are also able to further develop their ICT & Computer Science skills in our secondary technology classes that use both iOS and Windows platforms. ICT (IGCSE) and Computer Science (IGCSE and IB) are taught in grades 9-12. Maker Space and Design Technology are also courses offered in our secondary school, where students apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve problems within global contexts in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

With the integration of technology we recognise and also seek balance in the appropriate use of technology. We encourage our students from K-12 to safely, ethically and consciously explore, create and communicate in a 1:1 environment; we believe this supports every student at CIS to become an informed decision-maker who considers his or her digital footprint from both personal and community perspectives.

At CIS, all aspects of our teaching & learning including communication, reporting, assessment, curriculum, and most significantly learning journals for all our learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are hosted on Toddle.