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World Languages

Respectful Communication
in the Global Landscape

World Languages at CIS

CIS offers a range of world language choices, including French, Hindi (language & culture),Mandarin (most grades), and Spanish from Kindergarten to grade 12. In multi-level language classrooms, students learn collaboratively and develop speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. They can communicate orally and in writing in their chosen language at an early stage.

Language Curriculum

CIS encourages students to continue their study of one world language in elementary school and offers the option to choose a different language at the start of middle school in grade 6. Students continue learning the same language up to grade 12 to develop strong communication skills and fluency. In the IB program, students may choose to study French, Spanish, or Mandarin at the beginner (Ab Initio) or intermediate (B) level. Hindi is only offered at the intermediate level.

Mother Tongue Languages

As per community needs, Mother Tongue (MT) classes in French and Japanese can be offered at any grade level.