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Learning the CIS Way

5 Tenets Learning the CIS Way
Chakra of Learning the CIS Way

Our Chakra of Learning represents our belief in the dynamism for peaceful change in education. Our roots are grounded in the understanding that there is not going back, we move forward to normal, and in doing so create a better world and a better future for our children. Our ultimate goal for our students is that they become active agents for their own learning; they take responsibility for their own growth, understand themselves and how they learn, and are able to contribute to their global community.


Learning is a social process that needs a community to thrive. Our five overarching tenets are based on creating Human Connection, Trust, Personal and Community Well Being, Strength in Diversity, and the Compassion of Being Inclusive to all people who seek to make positive change in the world.


We create our Culture of Learning by having a shared Language of Learning (our Definition of Learning) plus Shared Values of Learning (Our Core Values and our Learning Principles) to create the CIS Learning Culture.

Our Shared Learning Culture relies on all community members to support and celebrate each other's growth and development. All CIS students, teachers, parents and leaders co-creation of global community's culture to ensure that we are all appropriately challenged to succeed.

Learning at CIS is a transformative process that leads to conceptual understanding, demonstration of competencies through application, and character development as seen through the CIS Core Values.

To make our language of learning accessible to everyone, we connect our 3Cs of learning, Conceptual Understanding, Competency and Character, with three simple sentence stems, one for each of our 3Cs.

I understand that…

Experts in any field have a deep conceptual understanding for what they do.  By focusing on concepts as points of learning, we are able to transfer big ideas from one discipline to another.  Learners connect to new, possibly disruptive ideas, construct and reconstruct meaning to form new theories, and check their learning in new contexts to think and rethink big conceptual ideas.

I am able to…

Experts in any field have well-developed competencies to bring their ideas to life.  CIS learners continue to develop competencies through deconstructing expert performances and comparing to their own, identifying adjustments they need to make, and practicing skills to make them second nature.

I am becoming (more)…

Experts have a deep sense of compassion for what they do and for the people they share their expertise with.  CIS learners consider how their values may be applied in specific situations, acting as a result of these considerations, and reflect on the effects of their actions.  At CIS our Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Caring, Inspiration, and Joy form the foundation of our character development.


How we learn is as important as what we learn because learning is a process; when children create strong habits for how they learn, anything they encounter in life becomes an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Learning at CIS starts with good questions that spark imagination. These questions are rooted in real world issues that connect learners to what they discover. Through direct experience, trial and failure, our students develop resilience and a growth mindset approach to learning that sustains them through setbacks to be continually successful in what they set out to achieve.