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Athletics Activities

The joy of discovery through
athletics and extracurricular activities

CIS offers a multitude of opportunities for students to achieve a balanced approach to learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Our Athletics and Activities programs allow students to showcase their abilities while learning critical skills to carry on throughout their CIS tenure and beyond.


CIS is grounded in educational athletics, which is the belief that interscholastic athletic competition is an extension of the classroom and educational activity that provides outstanding opportunities to teach life lessons. These opportunities begin as early as Grade 2 for some CIS sports teams and continue all the way to Grade 12.

To generate more of these opportunities, CIS has spearheaded the creation of an inter-school activities conference: Bangalore Activities and Athletics School Conference (BAASC). BAASC is a collection of five schools committed to providing opportunities for our student-athletes.

CIS is also a member of FOBISIA, the Federation of British International Schools in Asia. Our student-athletes have travelled to Bangkok for a swimming competition and qualified for a competition in South Korea in early 2020.  As our athletics program grows, CIS will continue to look for opportunities within India and abroad to showcase our student-athletes' abilities.

At CIS, we offer the following sports: football (soccer), basketball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, cricket, and volleyball.


Organised sports may not be for everyone, and that is perfectly fine! Beyond athletics, CIS provides a wealth of other opportunities for students in their pursuit of a truly holistic education. While other after-school activities are offered that run parallel to the athletics program, we also have clubs that run during the school day.