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Model United Nations

Uniting minds to create a better world

The Model United Nations at Canadian International School (CISMUN) aims to develop the character of global citizens through diplomacy and international relations.The CISMUN program is an integral part of the middle and high school experience for those who are passionate about making a change. This program has run for more than seven years and regularly participates in conferences locally, regionally, and internationally. We hope CISMUN can be a haven for you to grow as a global citizen and make lasting connections.

With the ever-fragmentation of the global order, bottom-up approaches and reconciliation of geopolitical, economic, environmental, developmental, and social divides is paramount. By intertwining our conference theme, ‘Fostering Peace: Piece by Piece’, within each committee, we aspire to promote the necessity of synthesizing our differences to actualise humanity’s redeemable objectives.

Highlights from Model UN 2023

Supported by a steadfast and sincere Secretariat, highly qualified Student Officers, and an endlessly passionate delegate-base, CISMUN X promises to be better than ever. We warmly invite delegates from all over India to join us for a successful conference driven by valuable discourse, real-time solutions and cherished memories!

Letter from the

Esteemed Delegates, Honourable Chairs, Respected Faculty Advisors, and Revered Guests,

Interconnect, intertwine, integrate. In the ever-increasing fragmentation of global politics, it can be easy to ponder that diplomacy and concord are figments of a fleeting cause; the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that engulf our world may appear as if progression and stability are falling apart, piece by piece. 

Ranging from the immediacies of expediting the green energy transition, the exacerbating of novel geopolitical conflicts rooted in rich history, the ramifications of imbalances in the global economic order, and challenges to liberty and empowerment, the growing interconnectedness of the world order makes resolving the above, one problem at a time, appear impossible. However, by embracing multilateralism, adopting a bottom-up approach, and promoting holistic, we - the trailblazers of tomorrow set to leave our mark today - can make an impactful difference.

The CISMUN Secretariat holds incredible honour in inviting and welcoming everyone to the 10th edition of Canadian International School Bangalore’s Model United Nations - a conference promising to tackle some of the most pressing global issues through the innovation, tenacity, and vision every participant has to offer. With the intellectual might of passionate delegates having assembled across India, CISMUN X is your time to transform your visions into action.

As global citizens, we perceive the paramount challenges from a macroscopic standpoint; however, we also often believe that due to the grandness of the issue, our voices will go unheard. At CISMUN X, we intend to change that perception for the better, to highlight the significance and power every idea, proposition, resolution, amendment, speech and discourse you wish to offer. No matter the experience-level, position, or degree of power, change always begins with a vision.

2024 will be the largest year for democracy in human history - a testament to how every individual voice exhibits invaluable importance in shaping the collective progression of our species. Whether you are an anxious first-timer navigating the intricacies of MUN, or a seasoned MUN connoisseur with incredible diplomatic acumen, CISMUN X actively wants YOU to fearlessly and passionately showcase your ambitions to benefit the world.

Be it from a political, foreign policy, diplomatic, economic, environmental, ethical, humanitarian, intellectual, academic, relational, societal or dynamic standpoint, fragmentation is inevitable. The interdependence that comes with multipolarity and shifting power dynamics is viewed both as a blessing and a course. At CISMUN, such diversity is our biggest strength - a strength that heightens when we combine, collate, and coordinate to realise humanity’s goals.

We endeavour that CISMUN X inculcates conducive environments, inspires passionate reconciliation and forges the necessary platforms to assist all of you in not only channelling your inner diplomat but also on your undeterrable journey to foster peace: piece by piece.

We wish everyone the sincere best for the conference and their journey as a global citizen!

Kind Regards,
Ronojoy Borpujari