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Code of Conduct


1.    At CISMUN, overly competitive, self-centric, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and can result in stern disciplinary action.
2.    Each participant is legally liable for defamation, vandalism, or willful damage to school property.
3.    Harassment and discrimination of any kind will be firmly forbidden at CISMUN.
4.    Delegates are responsible for their valuables and personal belongings. CISMUN will not be held liable for any loss or damage to personal items.
5.    Provocative, deprecating, and indecent remarks can result in strict disciplinary action and should be avoided at all times.
6.    Unless the chair provides permission or in the case of a medical exemption, the use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited during committee sessions.
7.    The use of illicit substances is a legal and criminal offense and will not be permitted on CIS' campus.
8.    All delegates, student officers, and advisors are expected to practice basic COVID-19 etiquette at all times, unless while eating/drinking/addressing the house. (To be updated and finalized).
9.    Delegates are encouraged to keep in mind that cooperation is more favorable and conducive to MUN environments, hence should make sure to be amicable, respectful, and polite towards other delegates.


1. **Membership Attainment: ** Students seeking to participate in all CISMUN-related endeavors and engagements under the jurisdiction of the CISMUN Secretariat can join through the following means:
a. Registering as a club member in Semester 1 of the concerning academic year,
b. Participating in any external conferences as a part of the CIS Delegation,
c. Attending and participating in the annual CISMUN conference held in February;

2. **Roles and Responsibilities: ** Students part of the CISMUN organization may be involved in the following roles:
a. Delegate, with the responsibilities of:
      i. Researching and preparing for conferences,
      ii. Participating in conferences as much as one can,
      iii. Attending all conferences till completion,
b. Student Officer, with the responsibility of:
      i. Researching and preparing research documents for committee agendas,
      ii. Facilitating debate and creating a healthy environment in the committee,
c. Secretariat, with the responsibilities of:
      i. Organizing the CISMUN conference,
      ii. Training and preparing delegates for external and CISMUN conferences,
      iii. Representing the organization and the school, while upholding the morals and values of the organization;

3. **Behavioral Expectations:** Students attending any conference on behalf of CIS or attending CISMUN must uphold the following expectations:
a. Students must attend all conferences till their completion unless exemption is provided after communicating with the secretariat and Mr. Anil for valid reasons such as but not limited to:
      i. Medical issues,
      ii. Family Emergency
b. School requirements are not counted as a valid reason for missing MUN,
c. Students are prohibited from engaging in overly competitive, self-centric, and aggressive behavior,
d. Students are legally liable for defamation, vandalism, or willful damage to school property, either towards the CIS campus or other venues,
e. Harassment or discrimination of any kind is forbidden,
f. Provocative, deprecating, and indecent remarks can result in strict disciplinary action and should be avoided at all times.
g. Taking part in any activities that go against the Indian Penal Code leaves students legally liable for their actions;

4. **Traveling Delegation Expectations:** CIS delegations traveling outside of Bangalore must adhere to the following guidelines:
a. Travel arrangements must be made with the CIS delegation, including:
      i. Flight or other Travel Arrangements,
      ii. Living arrangements in the host city,
b. Students must respect the rules and regulations of the host school, hotel, and the city/country,
c. Students must not engage in any illicit activities that go against School policy and the Indian Penal Code;
d. Rules and guidelines set out by the chaperones must be followed, on matters such as but not limited to:
      i. Bedtimes,
      ii. Room arrangements,
      iii. Timings;

5. **Potential Repercussions:** Any breaches of the CISMUN Code of Conduct shall be punished with the following methods;
a. Removal from the CIS Delegation from the conference:
      i. Barring entrance to CISMUN for the remainder of the conference,
      ii. Barring entrance to external conferences,
      iii. Immediate dismissal of delegates from conferences outside of Bangalore by sending them home,
b. Barring from joining future conferences in the following capacities:
      i. Registering for CISMUN and external conferences as a part of the CIS delegation,
      ii. Participating as a Student Officer in any external conference and CISMUN,
      iii. Joining the CISMUN Secretariat;

6. Students shall respect any Amendments made to the CISMUN Code of Conduct.