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HSC Committee Description 

In HSC, Delegates travel back in time to the stormy 70s, and look to stabilize regions rocked by bloody conflicts that defined the geopolitical landscape of these regions for decades to come.
We begin in 1971, and the Indo-Pak war on the liberation of Bangladesh, which escalated already rocky Indo-Pak relations, but set the tone for the future of the Indian Subcontinent. Delegates will have to formulate solutions that will de-escalate the Heightened Indo-Pak tensions post the conflict, to ensure the safe and prosperous growth of the Sub-Continent, while also ensuring the security of the newly formed Bangladesh.

Then we move to the Middle East and 1973 Yom Kippur War, which proved as a turning point in Israel-Arab relations and the question on Palestine, de-stabilising the region further. Delegates will be tasked in not only ensuring successful de-escalation of the conflict, but also ensuring the peaceful resolution of Israel-Palestine conflict, with respect to the two-state solution or otherwise. Delegates must keep in mind the centuries long history behind the conflict, and understand the needs, challenges and potential consequences that policy decisions may present on the future of Palestine, and the future of the Middle East.