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UNESCO Committee Description

Description: Hiding facts, disparaging student opinions or rejecting ideas that contradict others’ beliefs are all examples of educational indoctrination; and manipulation until compliance. Delegates will discuss solutions to this rising issue that has caused millions
of children to lose their freedom of speech, reducing them to nothing. To what extent do other countries have the right to intervene? What ethical methods can be utilised to prevent this vicious circle: compliance, internalisation and consolidation? Will intervention have any impact on nations with radical viewpoints?

Description: The illicit trafficking of cultural property poses a dual threat, intertwining economic benefits with irreparable cultural loss. The demand for stolen artefacts by collectors and criminal organisations has significantly spiked in the past years. Illicit trafficking not only depletes a nation’s heritage but also fosters an environment in which criminal enterprises thrive. Resolving this issue, by helping countries regain their past, piece by piece, remains a global challenge as we head into a technologically advanced future.