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UNHRC Committee Description

Description: Unprecedented levels of displaced individuals in the Middle East have continued to rise as a direct result of ongoing conflicts, necessitating the need to address human rights and protection. This agenda looks into the multitudes of challenges faced by those affected, including protection from continued persecution and violence, access to humanitarian aid, the need for shelter, and more. This committee will be given the task to collaborate, in order to provide effective and meaningful measures and solutions to provide protection and uphold human rights for the affected individuals in the Middle East.

Description: Gender-based violence, discriminatory ideologies, and barriers to accessing reproductive health services are all issues that are faced by women across the world. This agenda emphasizes the importance of ensuring access to safe and legal abortion rights while promoting the need for sexual education. Delegates will need to collaborate to identify core problems, proposing potential practice methods, and creating measures and solutions that can be taken to eliminate these breaches of protection.