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UNODC Committee Description 

Description: In today's interconnected world, the fortification of global collaboration in intelligence sharing to counteract terrorism is a critical issue. The numerous terrorist attacks in recent years have highlighted the necessity for enhanced International Intelligence sharing. Many volatile terrorism scenarios, spanning across continents including major cities in Europe to other regions in the Middle East and Africa have demonstrated how terrorist networks span across the globe. By fostering global cooperation, and investing in intelligence-sharing networks, nations can preemptively identify and remove threats, ensuring a coordinated response to global threats, and emphasizing the threat of terrorist attacks.

Description: With the legalization of previously illegal drugs around the globe, reassessing capital punishment for drug-related offenses is crucial. The use of the death penalty, especially in parts of Asia and the Middle East challenges ethical standards and the general efficacy of deterring crime. Internationally, the discourse now shifts to changing these inhumane practices to practices in line with evolving international standards of human rights and justice. The focus must turn to humane alternatives to capital punishment, with an emphasis on harm reduction and rehabilitation efforts. Hence, leads to a more just and effective global criminal justice system, that tackles drug-related crimes with practical and ethical solutions